After getting accustomed to the remote work lifestyle it becomes easy to take for granted the freedoms and benefits we are allowed. I want to take some time to reflect on a few freedoms I appreciate.

Family Time

I have two small children aged 3.5 and 1 whom I get to see a lot every day. Before working from home I was commuting 1 hour each way and I would hardly get to see my newborn baby during the week. I was out the door about 30 minutes after he woke, and got home after he was in bed. It wore on me more and more and I had tremendous guilt for not spending more time together.

The days we get with our young children will be gone before we know it. It is good to remember to be grateful for all the extra time together we have due to my working from home. I always get a hug after preschool, I always get a smile after nap time, I always get a high five at lunch time. These things are invaluable and I love it every day.

Exercise and Wellness

In my home office I have a convertible stand-up desk that I use (ideally) every day. I’d love to claim that I stand 8 hours a day, but it’s more like 2-4 on good days. I also have a treadmill and use a Christmas tree box to prop up my laptop to walk while working. I walk at 2mph at a 2 or 3 grade, sometimes less. Once you get the hang of it it becomes a background activity and before you know it, it’s been 30 minutes or more.

I am much more free to do random exercises throughout the day as well. Push ups, sit ups, pull ups, and leg raises have all become part of my daily workflow and I mix in mindfulness/relaxation exercises as well. It’s nice being able to do this without breaking a single social norm.


I’m stating the obvious here of course. I love working from coffee shops and should do it more. I frequent a co-working space to get an office feel and to talk with likeminded hackers every once in a while. When we travel to see family and friends I can do my work there and not have to take time off. When the kids are older I hope to take more family trips and have the privilege to bring my work with me.

The day-to-day flexibility is the biggest benefit that I get out of working from home. I can flex my lunch time so my wife can meet a friend for coffee… Or I could go to the gym, or I could sit with my son while he watches Paw Patrol or I could just sit and eat lunch with my family after a tough day at preschool. Scheduling random dentist visits or checkups for the kids have very little overhead.

I could go on and on about different things I enjoy, as well as things I don’t, but I’ll cut it here. Enjoy your weekend!

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