Stripe announced their new engineering hub on Thursday- remote! They have “hubs” in San Francisco, Seattle, Dublin and Singapore already, and remote will be their fifth. They said they were hoping to hire 100 remote employees this year.

Stripe went out of their way to praise their remote workers, saying “Stripe has had hundreds of extremely high-impact remote employees since inception” and “…remote employees have outperformed all expectations”. It is exciting to see a silicon valley unicorn (for lack of a better word) pushing forth the remote work trend.

Although remote work continues to be on the rise, large companies haven’t fully embraced it. No huge tech companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, Netflix have fully embraced remote work as Stripe has. I continue to believe that working from home is a great freedom that employees love. I could list many examples of on-site employees who switched to remote and never looked back.

Having remote employees does bring quite a few headaches to the company, as mentioned in the announcement. There are some legal and tax issues that take effort and ongoing support. We are at the very beginning of companies embracing remote work, but I’m very confident that it is the future. As employees continue to seek remote positions, companies will be forced to open up opportunities to be competitive. We’re seeing this happen in slow motion today.

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