I have been a huge fan of caster.io for years. I’ve recommended it to countless colleagues and whenever I want to learn anything about Android it is always my first resource.

I’m am thrilled to announce that my first course, Refactoring Legacy Code is live on the site. The course is 30 minutes and has a total of 12 lessons. I have also published the source code for the course here.

This course forks the Minimal-ToDo open source Android app. This is a real app on the play store but it hasn’t been updated or maintained in years. In the course I take old legacy code and convert it into a modern app. I use Room for storing data, an MVVM architecture and reactive principles throughout the course.

The course I clean up a single fragment in the app. It starts at over 650 lines and it finishes at 222. I dissect each line of code and break it up into testable helper classes. The goal is to keep the Fragment as simple and dumb as possible.

I hope you enjoy the course, let me know if you have any feedback!

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