The original iPhone was released twelve years ago. When a new technology is released it takes time before we go from “this is the most amazing thing ever” to “maybe we should think about if this is good for us.” Henry Ford released the Model T in 1908 but drivers licenses weren’t adopted until much later. By 1930, only 24 states required a driver’s license to drive a car. Just 15 mandated a driving exam. I believe we’re at the beginning of this transition for phones and social media. Facebook’s early adopters, millennials, are running away from facebook. Over 11,000,000 users in the US alone have left. We will continue to see this trend continue across other domains in technology.[…]

I wake up with a jolt at 5:58 AM. My eyes are foggy, my throat is dry. I quickly throw throw on a plain white T and sweatpants. I head downstairs, close my eyes, slowly open the door. We make eye contact. I’m twitching my hand. Our eyes are locked, both waiting for each other to make their move. I stand strong, holding my ground. My opponent holds tight, not moving a muscle, not giving away his position. The tension is building. This goes on for several tense seconds, neither of us willing to break. You see, our family rule is that our (almost) two-year old does not get up for the day before 6 AM. If it was 5:50[…]

Our family reads like crazy. In 2018 I read about 40 books and I hope to read another 30 or so in 2019. My wife reads more. We’re always reading books to our two boys and it’s one of life’s greatest joys for everyone in our family. When Roen was 2 we asked him what he wanted for Christmas about 50 times and every time he said he wanted books. Very proud papa! If I had to wager a guess I’d say we’ve read 300 different books to our kids. And we’ve definitely read a few books over 50 times. All that being said- here are my favorites. Philomena’s New Glasses Philomena’s New Glasses is a truly silly and goofy[…]